About Us

The Green Atrium is a sustainable green building, with an organic farm. There are Interactive Learning Centre, Visual Audio Gallery, Butterfly Garden, Aquaponic Pond, and Bee Farm etc. Besides, our centre also provide guided programmes and workshops for our guests to know about sustainability; environmental protection and organic farming through learning and playing.

Opening hour

Mon – Sun: 9:00 -17:00

Closed on the last Monday of the month (Except Public Holiday) and the first three days of the Lunar New Year


Creating a sustainable future through play, cultivation and education


To inspire and empower the children of today for a better tomorrow


The Green Atrium values sustainability, integrity and service. Through our values we are committed to provide high quality of services, maintaining high morals and ethical standards and high technical standards while still having fun.

Through sustainability we are passionate about what we put into the earth and what we take away.

We are committed to develop the youngest members of society to play and have fun while learning about the needs to be sustainable. We provide for the community while fostering leadership, commitment to the community, the individual and service to others.

Our Promise to the Environment

  • We choose organic products whenever possible.

  • We achieve a low carbon emission whenever possible. We sell and use local products as often as we can, support small businesses, and boost our local economy.

  • We minimize the use of plastic and use the biodegradable products when possible.

  • We do not sell bottled water or use plastic straws.

  • We reduce waste. We will help others reduce waste by recycling paper, can, glass and plastic.

  • We conserve energy. We have a "No Open Doors" policy for fridges, freezers and exterior doors to avoid wasting energy use for heating and cooling. We "Power Down" by shutting off all unnecessary lights and equipment.